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Call for Papers: Special Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) edition

We are pleased to announce a special technology enhanced learning edition of Compass, Journal of Learning and Teaching.  
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New Issue: Special Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Edition published


Prior to the publication of TEF assessments,  a TEF special issue has been published. 

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Vol 10, No 2 (2017): Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching

Special Edition: Teaching Excellence Framework

Full Issue

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Table of Contents

Editorial Team

Editorial Team PDF
Gillian Keyms

Editors' Introduction

Editors' Introduction PDF
Simon Walker, Danielle Tran

Opinion Pieces

Is the TEF a good idea – and will it work? PDF
Nick Hillman
Against the TEF: For Quality Learning PDF
J M Moore
The Emperor has no clothes PDF
Chris Ian Rust
Quality teaching through openness and collaboration – an alternative to the TEF? PDF
Chrissi Nerantzi
TEF - Tiresomely Extraneous & Flawed? PDF
James Derounian
Evidence does not support the rationale of the TEF PDF
Graham Gibbs
Recognising and Rewarding Teaching Excellence: an argument for authentic metrics PDF
Sally Brown
The Teaching Excellence Framework: Perpetual Pedagogical Control in Postwelfare Capitalism PDF
Conor Heaney, Hollie Mackenzie
TEF: why and how? Ideological and operational imperatives driving policy PDF
Ian McNay
The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) : yet more competition – and on the wrong things! PDF
Phil Race
Students as consumers? There is a potential alternative… PDF
Samuel Grogan